Type orden descendente Título Artist(s) Multimedia
Artwork The Light Inside James Turrell Video, Text
Artwork Impression, Sunrise Claude Monet Video, Image, Text
Artwork News Hans Haacke Video, Image, Text
Artwork Robot K456 Nam June Paik, Shuya Abe Image, Text, Installation
Artwork Rehearsal of Memory Graham HARWOOD (MONGREL) Image, Text
Artwork The Sheep Market Aaron Koblin Image, Others, Text, Video
Artwork Pigeon Blog Beatriz DaCosta Image, Text
Artwork The Senster Edward Ihnatowicz Video, Text
Artwork Face Visualizer Daito Manabe, Teruoka Video, Image, Text
Artwork Son et Lumière for Bodily Fluids and Functions Mark Boyle, Joan Hills Image, Text
Artwork Female Extension Cornelia Sollfrank Image, Text
Artwork Point Counter Point Frank Malina Image, Text
Artwork Bodies© INCorporated Victoria Vesna, Rob NIDEFFER, Nathanial FREITAS Image, Text
Artwork Emoter Tim Hawkinson Video, Text
Artwork Google Will Eat Itself UBERMORGEN, Alessandro Ludovico, Paolo Cirio, Hans Bernhard, lizvlx Image, Text
Artwork CYSP 1 Nicolas Schöffer Image, Installation, Text, Video
Artwork World Skin Maurice Benayoun Video, Image, Text
Artwork Charles Csuri, Fragmentation Animations, 1968 - 1970: Hummingbird (1968) Charles Csuri Video, Text
Artwork Autotelematic Spider Bots Ken Rinaldo, Matt Howard Video, Image, Text
Artwork Eye Contact, Responsive Display Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Video, Text
Artwork Image Fulgurator Julius von Bismarck Video, Image, Text
Artwork Random Screen Aram Bartholl Video, Image, Text
Artwork WGBH, Fred Barzyk/New Television Workshop Fred Barzyk Video, Text
Artwork TV-Buddha Nam June Paik Image, Text
Artwork The Weather Project Olafur Eliasson Image, Text, Video
Artwork Rara Avis Eduardo Kac, Ed Bennett Image, Text
Artwork The File Room Antonio Muntadas Image, Text
Artwork The Web Stalker Matthew Fuller, Simon Pope, Colin Green Image, Text, Others
Artwork Uncle Roy All Around You Blast Theory Image, Text
Artwork The Influence Machine Tony Oursler Video, Image, Text