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Peter Campus is one of the important video artist in the field of art video . To create the video, he used  interface installation (1972) a dark room, a video capturing camera and glass. The video camera capture the environment from one side of a piece of transparent glass as a result two types of image are created one is mirror image which is reflected on the glass and other is reverse image. By applying this approach its possible to create different type of video art.

For example, one of his video art is ´Three Transitions´ which is shown in the following video

"In the video Three Transitions (frame grab above) and other works made in the 1970’s, he explores different acts of self-cognition (Laguiera.2006). For example in the installation Interface (1972) he turned the camera on the viewer, providing instances where one would see the self as both reflection (on a glass) and moving image (video projection).

In these explorations, Peter Campus reveals the paradoxical nature of the image, even when it comes to the one we are most familiar with: the self. Having a background in psychology and the cognitive sciences, he criticizes the ever-growing postmodern concept of the self as merely a cognitive function, an essentially materialistic and dehumanizing view." [2]