Type Titlesort descending Artist(s) Media
Artwork Hand From Above Chris O'Shea Video, Image, Text, Installation
Artwork He Weeps for You Bill Viola Video, Image, Text
Artwork Healing Pool Brian Knep Installation
Artwork Homage to New York Jean Tinguely Image, Video
Artwork Homecoming Ted Victoria Installation
Artwork Innen Stadt Außen, Blind Pavilion Olafur Eliasson Installation
Artwork Interface Peter Campus Image
Artwork Iris Les Levine
Artwork Kino-Automat Raduz Cincera Image
Artwork Labyrinthitis Jacob Kirkegaard
Artwork Le jardin des mots perdus Johannes Gees Installation
Artwork Les Levine Les Levine Installation
Artwork Listening Post Ben Rubin, Mark Hansen Image, Video
Artwork Live-Taped Video Corridor Bruce Nauman
Artwork Lowest Resolution Zhang Peili Image, Text
Artwork LSP: Laser / Sound Performance Edwin van der Heide Video, Image
Artwork Making the Invisible Visible George Legrady Video
Artwork Metro Moss Edina Tokodi Installation
Artwork Moveable Type Ben Rubin, Mark Hansen Video, Text
Artwork Music for Solo Performer - for enormously amplified brainwaves and percussion Alvin Lucier
Artwork My Little Piece of Privacy Niklas Roy Others, Installation
Artwork Nemo Observatorium Lawrence Malstaf Installation
Artwork Observation of the Observation: Uncertainty Peter Weibel Video, Image
Artwork Ocean Without a Shore Bill Viola Video, Image, Text, Installation
Artwork Opto-solator Golan Levin, Greg Baltus Video, Text
Artwork Passage Sets: One Pulls Pivots at the Tip of the Tongue Bill Seaman Image
Artwork Piano as an Image Media Toshio Iwai Video, Image
Artwork Piano as an Image Media Toshio Iwai Video, Image, Text
Artwork Pipilotti Rist Apple Tree Pipolotti Rist Video
Artwork Poème Électronique Le Corbusier, Ianis Xenakis, Edgard Varèse