This group is for the use of students in the course, Inventing the Future:  Electricity and Visual Culture, Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam, Spring 2010.  All content and discussions should be in English, unless quoting external sources in another language.


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Growth Modeling Device

Interview with the artist David Bowen about Growth Modeling Device

Ten Thousand Cents

ars01%5B1%5D.jpg   ars03%5B1%5D.jpg

Robotarium X


Cheap Imitation

Murmur Study

'The Race' - Ryerson University Film Festival (RUFF)

The Image Mill: Sustainable Cinema #1

Image_Mill_NightA.jpgScott Hessels' The Image Mill: Sustainable Cinema combines motion, illumination and duration in an eco-friendly.

Camera Lucida

Camera Lucida is an interactive “sonic observatory” that directly converts sound waves into light by employing a phenomenon called sonoluminescence. The project was conceived both as an artwork and as a musical instrument that allows its player to see and shape sounds while moving through space....

The project began as a speculative reverie on observing sound waves with the naked eye. The idea of using a gas that would luminesce when irradiated by sound converted into voltage was very appealing to us. However, as soon as we came upon the phenomenon of sonoluminescence, it became quite clear that we had struck virgin soil.

Modern Times