This group is for the use of students in the course, Inventing the Future:  Electricity and Visual Culture, Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam, Spring 2010.  All content and discussions should be in English, unless quoting external sources in another language.


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The Crossing



LSP: Laser / Sound Performance


Animate Field

Weave Mirror




Lowest Resolution

Zhang Peili’s Lowest Resolution consists of a long, narrow, dark alley with a small LCD screen hanging at the end. The LCD screen plays a video, hardly recognizable from distance, of a girl in a red school uniform. The distance makes it difficult to see exactly what the girl is doing or to hear if she’s talking or singing, or maybe crying.

Moveable Type


The Sheep Market

Aaron Koblin's The Sheep Market is a web-based artwork that uses the ‘Amazon Mechanical Turk’ system to get thousands of workers involved in the creation of a massive database of drawings. The artist's inspiration for ‘The Sheep Market’ was to try to exploit human creativity, while at the same time shedding light on the insignificant role each worker plays as part of a whole.  But Koblin was mostly curious how workers would respond to his absurd task: “When I saw the first sheep come through the system I knew I had made the right decision. As I had hoped each sheep truly reflected the individual and humanity behind it.”

Miko no Inori