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Rechnender Raum (Computing Space)

A SoaPOPera for Laptops / A SoaPOPera for iMacs

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DeResFX.Kill (KarmaPhysics < Elvis)

The Girlfriend Experience

The growth of online communities such as Second Life and World of Warcraft enabled the creation of personal online social and economic existence. This raises many questions about our own existence and about the consequences and even the dangers of online communities, for example, the well-known "Rape in Cyberspace" reported in 1993. Artist Martin Butler pushes these ideas with his work, Girlfriend Experience, a multiplayer game allowing one to enter into a real-life person and use this person as an avatar. Because the avatars are real people, in order to win their trust and have them perform special tasks, one first need to get to know them and find out what is possible.

"Helena" by Marco Evaristti

HELENA_1.jpg"Ten white Moulinex Optiblend 2000 mixers were placed on a

Pulse Park



Mirror of Water


Burning Desire


Kanye Webst


Breaking and Entering the Lost Timeframe