Type orden descendente Título Artist(s) Multimedia
Artwork Send/Receive Satellite Network Liza BEAR, Keith SONNIER, Willoughby SHARP, Duff SCHWENIGER, Sharon GRACE, Carl Loeffler Image, Text
Artwork Golden Gate Fly-Over Michael Naimark Video, Image, Text
Artwork Wiesbadener kunstsommer Julia Scher Video, Text
Artwork The Dumpster Golan Levin, Kamal Nigam, Jonathan Feinberg Video, Image, Text, Others
Artwork Aspects of Gaia (Trolly Under Brucknerhaus with networked LED messages) Roy Ascott Video, Text
Artwork Nude Descending a Staircase Marcel Duchamp Image, Text
Artwork Cybernetic Bacteria 2.0 Anna Dumitriu, Dr. Simon Park, Dr. Blay Whitby, Tom Keene, Lorenzo Grespan Video, Image, Text, Installation
Artwork TV Bra for Living Sculpture Nam June Paik, Charlotte Moorman Text, Video
Artwork Human Motion Studies Etienne-Jules Marey Video, Text
Artwork Composite Fax Image Lief Brush, Sonia Sheridan, Willard Van De Bogart Image, Text
Artwork Traffic Sign Fred Vetzenhauer Image, Text
Artwork Wearcomp Steve Mann Text, Installation
Artwork Video Flag Y Nam June Paik Image, Text, Video
Artwork Computer Project Matt Mullican Image, Text
Artwork interactive media art installation "gravicells" Seiko Mikami, Sota Ichikawa Video, Text
Artwork Milk Drop Coronet Harold Text, Video
Artwork Murmur Study Christopher Baker Video, Image, Text
Artwork Sketchpad 1963 and a Contemporary Incarnation Ivan Sutherland Video, Text
Artwork MILK Esther Polak, Ieva Auzina, Marcus The Text, Installation
Artwork Mirror of Water Mariko Mori Image, Text
Artwork Three Gems James Turrell Image, Text
Artwork Ocean Without a Shore Bill Viola Video, Image, Text, Installation
Artwork Evolved Virtual Creatures Karl Sims Video, Text
Artwork Them Fuckin' Robots Norman White, Laura Kikauka Image, Text
Artwork Estructura Lumínica Madí ‘F’ Gyula Kosice Image, Text
Artwork Mirror United Visual Artists Image, Text
Artwork Light Mural for KLM Gyorgy Kepes Image, Text
Artwork Morton Heilig, Pioneer in Virtual Reality Morton Heilig Image, Text
Artwork First and Second Beauty Composites Nancy Burson Image, Text, Others
Artwork Complex Wave Forms Ralph Hocking Video, Text