Type orden descendente Título Artist(s) Multimedia
Artwork Conway's Game of Life, sunSurgeAutomata, and the Conway Quartet John Horton Conway, Alexander Dupuis, Carla Scaletti Others
Artwork The Other Digital Media Master Project - University of the Arts Bremen 2008/09 Installation, Others
Artwork Little Big Man Nemo Gould Video, Image, Text, Others
Artwork EyeWriter Theo Watson Others
Artwork Topshot Helmet Julius von Bismarck Video, Image, Text, Others
Artwork The Berth of V.ness Talan Memmott Others
Artwork The Sheep Market Aaron Koblin Image, Others, Text, Video
Artwork Skinonskinonskin Auriea, Michaël Others
Artwork Datamatics Ryoji Ikeda Others, Text, Video
Artwork EOD 02 Frederik De Wilde Others, Installation
Artwork Given Time Nathaniel Stern Others, Video
Artwork The Sheep Market Aaron Koblin Image, Others, Text, Video
Artwork King's Cross Phone-In Heath Bunting Others
Artwork The Painting Fool Simon Colton Others
Artwork Home made Virtual Soup Avital Meshi Others, Video
Artwork First and Second Beauty Composites Nancy Burson Image, Text, Others
Artwork Yoichiro Kawaguchi: Gemotion Projects Yoichiro Kawaguchi Others
Artwork Designgraphik Michael Paul Young Others
Artwork The Girlfriend Experience Martin Butler Others
Artwork A Season in Hell Randall Packer Video, Image, Others, Installation
Artwork Doorway to Heaven Chris Burden Others, Text
Artwork Communimage Johannes Gees, Tomi Scheiderbauer, Teresa Alonso, Luks Brunner, Malex Spiegel, Roger Luechunger Image, Text, Others
Artwork Shroud/Chrysalis I Catherine Richards Others
Artwork aftersherrielevine.com, Michael mandiberg michael mandiberg Others
Artwork Barbie Liberation Organization Barbie Liberation Organization Image, Text, Others
Artwork You Are Here Scott Snibbe Others, Installation
Artwork zero@wavefunction: nano dreams and nightmares Victoria Vesna, James Gimzewski Video, Others, Installation
Artwork Deep Sleep Trawler Mark Vernon Others
Artwork The Ghost of Vannevar Bush Hacked My Server Michael Demers Others
Artwork Unstoppable Hum 2 Sabrina Raaf Others, Installation