Burson's "Warhead" series uses her seminal photo-editing methods, used to create amalgamations of multiple portraits for a seamless collage of facial features. Her beauty composites, which hint at a subtle criticism of Western beauty ideals, use symmetry and careful selection of features to create an image of conventional physical attractiveness [1]. The Warhead series, by contrast, eschews physical beauty and instead represents a more politically-charged image-- that of leadership and aggression, particularly relevant during the 80's and the height of the Cold War. "Warhead I" combines the portraits of world leaders during this time, namely Ronald Reagan, Leonid Breshnev, Margaret Thatcher, Francois Mitterand and Deng Xiaoping [2]; the so-called "Nuclear Club" of the era [3].The composite bears the strongest resemblence to Reagan, with characteristic hairline and bushy eyebrows.