"In this installation of Expanded Cinema and real time processes one of the first video projectors was used in an artistic context, testifying at the same time the early interest developed in invisible and processual states of the body, in other words: in the image of the body ‹from the inside›. The artist developed their projection technique for DIAS [Destruction in Art Symposium], where they realized a section of their series, ‹Son et Lumière›, for three aspects of nature: one for the elements—Earth, Air, Fire, and Water—one for Insects, Reptiles, and Water creatures, and one for Bodily Fluids and Functions.
For the presentation of the latter part in Liverpool in 1966, Boyle recounts this performance: «In the sperm sequence a couple wired up to EDB (electro-cardiogram) and EEG (electroencephalogram) celebrated intercours [hidden behind a screen], while the oscilloscopes of the ECG and EEG were televised on closed circuit television and projected with an Eidofor TV projector on to a large screen behind the couple. Thus, their heartbeasts and brain waves were instantly revealed." [2]



[2]: Mark Boyle in: Out of Actions, MoCA Los Angeles, New York/London 1, p. 280.


On last paragraph: celebrated intercours = celebrated intercourse their heartbeasts = their heartbeats (although it's quite fun thinking about the heartbeats as heart-beasts... greetings