Developed by Manchester artists Charlotte Gould and Paul Sermon, "Picnic on the Screen" was a site-specific installation for Glastonbury 2009. Sermon, who is known for his work concerning augmented reality and interfaces, designed the project to provide a fun and innovative look at interaction from a distance. The installation consisted of two large blue picnic blankets, placed at a distance from each other. Audiences who convened on either blanklet were captured on camera and broadcast on large publically-viewed screens to members of the audience on the other blanket. Encouraged by their separation from the other audience and by their own televised presence, the participants were able to interact with the individuals on-screen despite the lack of an actual physical presence. Gould and Sermon say of the project, "Through the augmentation of the virtual and the real, users can explore alternative telepresent spaces and develop unique playful narrative events. ‘Picnic on the Screen’ explores social play and the way fun and enjoyment interact with and enhance new media content and technologies, through its design, creative development, everyday uses and discursive articulations [1]."