“FLOW,” a site-specific design commissioned in 2010 by the Downtown Louisville Arena Authority, is “is an Energy Mural that expresses the [Ohio] river in real-time using light and movement [1].” Taking real-time data from the river (provided by a data collection near the site), including flow rate, volume, temperature and surface condition, the data is then “interpreted and expressed with computer software and an output system consisting of individually addressable RGB LED and a light diffusing polycarbonate shield [2].” The project is still under construction, but advance images show the work to be massive in scale, spanning the full length of one of the arena’s walls.

Similar in style to Parker's earlier work, "Sweet Crude," FLOW takes a more positive spin on a nonetheless strong environmental message. Rather than showing the results of a disastrous event, FLOW celebrates the intrinsic beauty of water and movement, and of bringing natural order together with technology to create a merging of the organic and the constructed. The use of light and the wavelike shapes of the structure reflect the medium it embodies--fresh moving water--and aptly demonstrate the power and complexity of this priceless natural resource.