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Technology is moving so fast nowadays and a lot of stuffs now can be done with the use of a computer. It's actually good for us but on the other side, some uses is as a mean of doing bad things. Honestly, I am not in favor of these kind of viruses but I guess it can't be stopped nor prevented. Recently, a Wyoming couple is suing the Atlanta-based rent-to-own business Aaron's over confidentiality problems. A computer they rented from Aaron's was used to spy on them in their home, the couple states. I found this here: <a title="Suit accuses rent-to-own business of watching customers" href="">Aaron’s case brings up confidentiality issues,</a> The suit has raised problems about confidentiality and the ethics of cyber technology. I know that it would be hard to track this hackers and spies but hopefully, the government could do something more about it.
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